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Cloud Service
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Based on more than 10 years experience, EyeKey owns high-accurate biometric algorithm and matching clusters with powerful processing capacity. We offer a variety of open APIs and SDKs to developers and companies for different development environments and biometric cloud applications.
Face ,mass face data, multi-level and deep neural network,large-scale service clusters and multi-pixel specification adaptation...   Try now
Open API
EyeKey provides on-line APP service of multiple biometric identification technologies, e.g.. face, iris, voiceprint, fingerprint, etc. for individual developers and enterprise users. We are looking forward to building a better future life together with you!
Multi-platform SDK
EyeKey provides SDK of multiple biometric identification technologies, e.g.. face, iris, voiceprint, fingerprint, etc.,which is authorized to individual developers and enterprise users to develop their required applications. It is applicable to multiple platforms and application environments.
Customized Cloud
EyeKey provides cloud service customization for enterprises with special request. The configuration mode is flexible: your authentication cloud can be either totally maintained by Eyekey or set up individually inside your enterprise.
R & D center
We believe that brilliant ideas are from developers brainstorming. EyeKey provides detailed documents and development support and Welcome to join our Development Center. Code connects you & me and technology changes the world.
Iris  Recognition
Iris recognition: Most secure biometrics; won 2nd place in NICE:Ⅱ among 64 international participants;each second match 1.5 million times.
Voiceprint  Recognition
Semantic understanding to enhance user experience for Apps.
Fingerprint  Recognition
Most stable and widely used biometric identification technology; 11 years industrial application experience;
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