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      This Fingerprint API offers fingerprint capture, fingerprint recognition and authentication methods. It also provide method to customize 1:1 or 1:N matching applications with specifications of Fingerprint, People, and Crowd.
      Fingerprint: Each fingerprint is recorded as a fingerprint with a fingerprint_id. An enrolled fingerprint has 3 imgs from three continuous capturing. .
      People: A People is created before the fingerprint assignment. Every People has up to 3 fingerprints in API demo or 10 fingerprint in a released EYEYKEY version. In the API demo, it has up to 100 People. For a released EYEYKEY version, there is no such limitation for People parameter.
      Crowd: Crowd is created as a group of People. In the API demo, it has up to 5 Crowds while there is no limitation in a released version. Each Crowd contains up to 100 People in a demo version while there is no limitation for a released version.
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