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EyeKey>Quick Start > APICalling Instruction
1.Upload face image. Detect face features through API, such as face width, height, eyes and nose location.
Face feature: width, height, eyes location, nose location, face profile, etc.
2.EyeKey provides API to create a new People in the APP and add face images to it. The People with many face images actually is a face collection.
Face1,Face2,Face3... ...
3.EyeKey provides API to create Crowd in APP. More Peoples can be added to one Crowd. Actually, a Crowd is a collection of Peoples
People1,People2,People3... ...
4.Based on the above operation, you can call EyeKey API to find persons with similar face by uploading face images in the APP.
People1,People2,People3... ...
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