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Terms of Service

1. Overview

The EYEKE website is a new biometric cloud service platform owned by Techshino Technology. Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as 'Techshino'); it is designed to provide technical assistance for developers who intend to develop applications based on biometric technology and for those seeking business cooperation.This website provision will help users to better understand and know how to use EYEKE API and SDK correctly and efficiently.

By accessing the EYEKE website and using the biometric service provided, you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of service and privacy policies.

2. Website Instructions

1) The EYEKEY platform provides all developers with free biometric technology API, on which they can create their own applications. A limited free API support service is provided for newly created applications during the debugging stage; applications that have passed the EYEKEY approval process and are in the online state, can access an unlimited support service. Developing and publishing new applications online, requires completion of the following steps:
         a) Registration of a 'developer account' on the EYEKEY platform;
         b) Creation an application;
         c) Completion of development, debugging and testing;
         d) Completion an online application;
         e) Passing the EYEKEY approval process before the application is officially available to third-party users.

2) When using EYEKEY API, you should not infringe the rights of any individual, including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights (IPR), privacy rights and portrait rights. You can not apply EYEKEY API to any form of spyware, adware, malware, terrorism or hacktivism. In the case of your application leading to significant personal injury or economic damage to other individuals or businesses, EYEKEY has the right to terminate your API service and does not assume any responsibility for damages.

3) The online API and SDK provided by EYEKEY are free of charge. The developing and debugging should be completed with reference to the development documentation regulations. During the debugging stage of an application, general API support may be accessed a limited number of times, while at the online stage, unlimited API general support is available.

3. Ownership and intellectual property declaration

Techshino owns all the intellectual property rights and information on the EYEKEY platform website (As well as the application information released by EYEKEY platform members, including, but not limited to, text, images, software, technology, code, audio, video, etc.).

All the information and content belonging to EYEKEY platform that is authorised to view, copy, print and disseminate, is not permitted to be used for commercial purposes, and the use of all information and any part of the contents must include a copyright notice:

All API, SDK programs on the EYEKEY platform are the intellectual property of Techshino. 'EYEKEY' and other EYEKEY products, names and related graphics, logos, etc. and services are registered trademarks of Techshino. Their use is prohibited (including, but not limited to copying, distribution, displaying, images, uploading and downloading in illegal ways) without the explicit permission of Techshino. Unauthorised use will result in Techshino perusing legal action against anyone infringing its IPR.

4. Updates and announcements

In order to provide a better experience and technical service, EYEKEY will occasionally update the server and development documentation, etc. Please refer to the website announcement for specific update instructions.

5. Supplementary

1)Techshino reserve the right to revise or supplement the Terms of Service at any time and publish the revision or the supplement on the relevant page. Members continuing to use the website since an announcement are deemed to agree to the revision of the Terms of Service.

2)Techshino are the final interpreters of the terms of service.

3)All disputes related to this agreement or caused by the execution of this agreement, should be amicably settled through consultation; if negotiations fail, both parties agree to resolve the litigation at the People's Court, which is located nearest to Techshino.

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